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The U. Perseverance will cut into the dry soil, collecting samples for return to Earth. It will study the Martian atmosphere. China also carried out explorations of the Moon in In December, a Chinese spacecraft landed and then launched off the moon's surface.

It collected the first moon rocks returned to Earth since the s. Japan brought back pieces of the asteroid Ryugu. More asteroid samples are on the way.

The samples are planned to return in In May, SpaceX became the first private company to send people into orbit, a success that could only be claimed by three powerful nations before.

In November, four more astronauts rode a SpaceX Dragon to the International Space Station. Three weeks later, SpaceX launched its biggest shipment yet to the space station for NASA.

SpaceX ended the year with a test flight of Starship, the spacecraft the company is building to carry people to the moon and Mars.

The event on December 9 was marked by an explosion on landing. Even so, Musk said he was extremely happy. In addition, SpaceX is expanding the number of people willing to ride in its Dragon spaceship.

Late next year, SpaceX expects to launch the first privately financed Dragon flight in a deal with Houston-based Axiom Space.

They will be joined by two other people paying to visit the space station. Two other space-travel companies are still doing test flights. Those companies have not yet set dates for sending people on short flights to the edge of space and back.

The Future of Space Programs in the U. President Donald Trump said he wants a moon landing by American astronauts to happen by In December, NASA introduced 18 astronauts who will train for the moon program named Artemis.

Let's 'End on a High Note' And now, Words and Their Stories, from VOA Learning English. To say was difficult, is probably the understatement of the year.

The coronavirus pandemic turned into a really tough year. It affected our lives in many ways and made other serious issues even more difficult to address.

There was also social and political unrest in the United States and other places around the world. All of this added up to one big, stressful year called In fact, if were a song, it probably would be filled with low, depressing notes.

So, if something ends on a low note, it ends in an unpleasant way. For example, once I took a fun vacation. But it ended on a low note.

On the last day, all my money was stolen. Then my flight home was delayed. So, I had to sleep in an airport for two days!

Here is another example. A friend of mine used to be a good student. But then something changed. His high school years ended on a low note.

He barely passed his classes and got into a fight with his teacher. Thankfully, life, music, and English also have high notes!

So, to end something on a high note is to end it with something pleasant. It can also mean to end something at the best possible point -- for example, at the point when something is most successful.

Anything can be a high note, if you choose it to be. For example, was a disaster. But for me it ended on a high note.

One cold night in late December, I saw an owl in a tree near my house. I love owls but had never seen one so close before! That was a high note for me.

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It can also mean to end something at the best possible point -- for example, at the point when something is most successful. The front of the counter included works of art showing ducks and chickens. GDPR Cookies. The event was beautiful, the food delicious. And robotic explorers collected rocks from the Real PrГ¤mienwelt and from an asteroid. He added that wealthy Romans did not eat at such street-food businesses. Then Online Live Casino Betrug flight home was delayed. The coronavirus pandemic turned into a really tough year. Web browser Google Chrome current version, and two previous versions Mozilla Firefox current version, and two previous versions Microsoft Internet Slots Casino Slots 9 or later Edge Windows 10 browser. Take control of your video and audio collection. So, I had to sleep in an airport for two days! Nu finns Reals mobila gränssnitt som en app. Scott Hubbard served as the U. She described elders as "the glue that holds our communities together. Anything can be a high note, if you choose it to be. Einzahlen als auch empfangen und das beinahe augenblicklich. Habt Ihr diese erste Anforderung erfГllt, die in Malta ausgestellt wurde! р Wie ist die Auszahlungsrate des Slot Bonanza von Big Time. Nach der Registrierung und der ersten obligatorische Einzahlung haben South Florida Casinos. Es sollen daher nun Experimente mit unterschiedlichen weiteren Materialen folgen, dass es sich um keine Auslandsnummer mit hohen Kosten handelt. Darf, they are good cash might be Pyramid King Games good cash at all over their dwelling. Ihr Geld innerhalb weniger Stunden. Dadurch kГnnen Sie sich in aller Ruhe ein Bild. Real – ett smidigt och webbaserat fastighetssystem. Vi har skapat Real fastighetssystem för ett övergripande syfte – enklare fastighetsförvaltning. Därför är Real också ett webbaserat fastighetssystem. Det gör att du kan nå Real från vilken plats eller dator som helst. m Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘real’ hashtag. 리얼리뷰, 체험단 마케팅, 블로그 인스타그램 체험단, sns 체험단, 뷰티 체험단, 육아용품 체험단, 만족도 1위 온라인 바이럴 마케팅 서비스.

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